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Byron Becquer was born in 2019 by the Monturiol family in an effort to introduce and recreate the cultural movement of Romanticism in commercial fashion, until now absent, through a perennial and independent author brand. In this period of time, and one year after its release on the market, we have had the opportunity to verify its strength, its creative potential and its ability to generate value, engines of its growth.

Now, after this first purely empirical experience, BYRON BECQUER is moving on to the next phase of the project, already focused on the process of expanding and optimizing margins, deadlines and product, and it does so through a crowdfunding campaign in which everything passionate about fashion business will have the option to participate. With the capitalization of the company and the subsequent notarial act (scheduled for the second half of April), BYRON BECQUER will definitely cease to be a promising project to become one of the great business realities in textiles and e-commerce.

With the campaign, the company will continue to be majority owned by the family and the promoter group, which will guarantee that it fully maintains the illusion and all the drive of the creators. They are, after all, the ones who know in detail the strategies developed, the potential of the product and the brand, its possibilities and needs, and those responsible for the partners obtaining the greatest benefits as quickly as possible. And it is that, for the success of any business project, there must be a strong leadership, which perpetuates and projects the company into the future and works on its expansion.

The main idea is, therefore, to constitute a heterogeneous group of partners, with coincident dreams and interests. Diversity in their different personal profiles will strengthen the company and enrich it with new ingredients.


In the expansion campaign, the only one to be carried out publicly, 33% of the company is made available to new partners. Keeping the other 67% the family and the original group of promoters.

The company's share capital is currently 186,000 euros and the capital increase sets a target of 188,000 euros: 94,000 euros will go to SHARE CAPITAL, and 94,000 euros will be contributed to the company in the form of ISSUE PREMIUM. In this way, the deeded share capital once the increase is carried out will be 280,000 euros (+94,000 euros), and the company will also have said extra capitalization of another 94,000 euros, adding the new capitalization to a total of 188,000 euros.

The new partners will be able to acquire shares of a minimum of 2% for €11,200 (€5,600 for share capital and €5,600 for share premium), up to a combined maximum of 33% and €188,000. Once the total is covered, the admission of new partners will be closed. In case of not being covered, the last day to reserve participation online will be April 18.

If you are interested in being a member of BYRON BECQUER SL and, therefore, in being one of the owners of this textile company, you must book participation before this date in order to later attend, if you wish, the meeting scheduled in Madrid on second fortnight of March to celebrate and welcome new members (if this is not possible, you can delegate your presence to someone you trust). The notarial signature is scheduled for Friday April 22, or alternatively, for Friday April 29.

NOTICE: Due to the fact that the number of members is limited, and part of the shares are committed, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance or request a meeting. If you are strongly interested in joining the project, you can contact us to request a telephone or face-to-face audience, check the current availability of participation in the campaign's main panel, or reserve your percentage now.