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Partners Campaign

Find out how to become a partner of the most "literary" textile firm and invest in e-commerce, the only sector on the rise

Welcome, dear visitor, to the brand of Romanticism! It is a pleasure to welcome you to our home during this societary capital increase campaign. In the following lines we will talk about the present and the future, but especially about clothing and a business project guided by a host of ideas and experiences that have made Byron Becquer what it is today. We will talk about our product, our trajectory, all the effort prior to expansion, as well as the most immediate (and ambitious) plans that we are now addressing, after a first round of very positive experiences. From today, Byron Becquer begins a determined path towards expansion and recognition, and he does so with the fuel of realities, the support of the people and the courage to continue believing in a concept as unexplored as it is necessary in commercial fashion, a genuine cause. Thus, we publish this capital increase campaign, not only because shared experiences taste better, but because Byron Becquer is determined to take the next step forward and to do it with you. And for this, in this start of 2022 we are looking for a group of pioneers and enthusiastic fellow travelers who share our vision and our illusion, and allow us to grow in exchange for accompanying us on this exciting path dedicated to Romanticism, to the fine arts and to the renewal of fashion.

Now, with the expansion campaign of Byron Becquer, you too can be a participant in a great textile project and become one of the owner partners of a promising company in full expansion. Perhaps, one of the great brands of the near future, would you like to participate together with us? It's time to do it! Contact our team here or continue discovering the campaign later. Thank you and welcome! #DressLiterature and write your own story. #RumboAlMundo

(Campaign open from February 1 to May 5. Check participation availability)


What makes Byron Becquer different? What are its virtues? We discover some of its hallmarks, facing the investor and facing the client. view+

2022 PLANS

Fairs, collections, new stores... We discover part of Byron Becquer's agenda for the next 12 months. see+


What is Byron Becquer? At what point are we? What is done and what remains to be done? This has been our path. see+


Companycapital increase and new partners. All conditions and changes in the company and in society. see+

A universal current. ROMANTICISM IS BACK.

Would you like to be part of Byron Becquer's promoter group? Would you like to make decisions and be more than a witness on this path? If you have questions, Write us here right now! We have answers. Or maybe... Would you like to secure your participation in advance? Find out how to do it, below! 👇🏼



Are there questions running through your head? Would you like to meet us personally? Request all the additional information below or leave us your information and we will contact you immediately! We attend by mail, telephone or personal interview.


Available until May 5.

A unique opportunity. Be more than a spectator.

Following the work model used by crowdfunding platforms, we make available to the public a formula of tickets so that the investor who wants it can reserve at this very moment, without further delay and in a safe non-face-to-face way, a participation in the company. 33% of the company is made available to the public.

Choose the ticket (or tickets) you want , add it to the cart by clicking on "Reserve", finish the order with your personal data, and after completing it, you will have, at the very least, guaranteed your participation in Byron Becquer SL

Book here in advance and secure your place as one of the partners of Byron Becquer SL. The reserve deposit, 2% of the total, (Ex-. 2% shares=€12,000, reserve for €240), will be deducted later in the notarial act.


Thanks for your visit, see you soon!