Identity Signs


"Romantic" nature. Romanticism is the mirror in which we look at ourselves; our infinite source of inspiration; the common thread of our work. We admire the figure and legacy of his sons: Becquer, Lord Byron, Delacroix, Friedrich, Beethoven, Allan Poe, Goya, Chopin ... And we are very interested in other of his icons, such as Edmond Dantés, Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray, Sherlock Holmes. And as. Also the ambient props of the time. The chronicles of the Wolf of Gevaudan, rural life, the "pure nature" of which its authors speak, Gothic architecture or the majestic full moon. This signature is, above all, a tribute to this rich period in world history.

National Heritage. Like any good "romantic," we extol the heritage of our nation, the fruits of our authors, and the works of our artists. For this reason Byron Becquer seeks to soak up this legacy and transfer it to the language of textiles and visuals. Just as he aspires to have a presence in each old town of the main historical towns of our country. The Madrid of the Habsburgs, the Jewish quarter of Toledo, the Roman town of Segovia ... The premises of the "Tragic Poets" brand are full of references to a culture that we wear with true admiration.

Preppy / Ivy style. These two styles, so popular within the "Ivy League of American Universities" in the 60s and 70s, are the contemporary interpretation par excellence of what Romanticism represents. And how could it be otherwise, we love them. In the creative spectrum of women's collections we also feel close to the "Victorian style", with its fringes, ruffles and noble colors. From the Preppy / Ivy atmosphere we are inspired by its distinguished style, its tones, its lifestyle, its competitive and winning spirit, and the heraldic-medieval symbolism of the noble European aristocratic houses.

Wide target. Although he walks the path of creativity and signature brands, Byron Becquer has proven to be liked by the general public, seducing men and women almost equally (something unthinkable for a newborn brand), young and old, Spaniards and foreigners. with its marked character and with its reasonable price policy, neither cheap nor prohibitive, despite a higher perceived quality. Thanks to these signs, reflections of a balanced brand, we will not need to be especially selective with the target audience, since a high percentage of this is already predisposed to consume Byron Becquer.



Cohesion and coherence. It is said in business that a common mistake is trying to cover more than you should. To avoid this, Byron Becquer's terrain was defined from the beginning, starting with the creative one. It is impossible to convey a style without offering cohesion in the elements. Everything must be recognizable with that style, everything must speak the same language, and if Byron Becquer differs for something, it is precisely because of this, by drawing well-defined features and by using differentiation as a spearhead. A refreshing bet that has its own uniqueness.

The best providers. Whoever starts in the textile industry is afraid of suppliers, and they are always a tough barrier to entry. The textile sector is a voracious sector witnessing a cross war: on the one hand, brands competing to attract customers, and on the other, suppliers fighting to attract brands. It's easy to get lost in cloying business language, endless miles of road and incessant meetings, and you don't always come up with the right thing to do. In Byron Becquer it was no exception but the outcome was. We currently have the best organic cotton, the most efficient international logistics company, wide profit margins in all phases of garment making, a great creative space for the development of new garments, and unbeatable stock replacement deadlines. No minimum orders and on demand. In its day, it also meant months of delays but, in this case, the wait was rewarded and a great strength is born from it.

International projection. While it is true that the Internet has no borders, it is also true that a Madrid dentist will never be able to easily receive a client from Mallorca or that a Spanish gin brand will not have it easy to export their alcohol, due to licensing issues, to USA. But the textile sector can boast of having no borders, and this is our ambition. Take our product to the world regardless of the coordinates. For this we have among other allies with an easy-to-grasp style, a name and slogan with international phonetics, a high perceived quality, and truly unbeatable distribution and logistics channels.

Smart marketing, made in 2021. The fourth leg of the table. Digital marketing changes as fast as the trends themselves and for us it is important to have a young team that keeps us up to date, with the capacityv