Dear visitor, first of all, welcome! There is no doubt, if you are here it is not by chance or by chance, it is surely the result of curiosity or a good sense of smell and it is still worthy, in a world that goes so fast we rarely get on any train, even Although it could be a great opportunity or even if it aroused great interest in us, but here you are and we are happy. Thank you and welcome to our crowdfunding campaign. In it we will address point by point everything that has been relevant in our path, we will possibly solve most of the questions that haunt your head at this moment, and ultimately, we will draw a sketch of what Byron Becquer means and what we want it to mean. for the world.


But first of all, what is the origin of this idea? Where did this clothing brand come from? Byron Becquer is not accidental, and although his name might indicate otherwise, he is not a heritage from the past nor is it run by a family of multiple generations in the textile industry. Byron Becquer is in fact a very young project and although it is in many respects a rarity, it does share origin with many notorious occurrences that were born from spontaneity. Strolling one winter afternoon among the exhibitors of the Costume Museum, we wondered about Romanticism, an artistic period that was as productive in its day as it is absent today. Why so many references to this style in runway haute couture and so few in commercial fashion? Why, even in the first case, only fringes, ruffles, and dark tones were rescued? They were questions of uncertain answer but something seemed clear: Romanticism was disappeared and deserved a tribute.

However, we did not want to rush, the Monturiol family was not one of textile tradition and the questions should be asked to the market. If we wanted to start a project we should know more about the sector. And we did so during a few months of study in which a feasibility plan was also developed, the conclusions of which were favorable. The truth is that at that time it could be said that the context demanded it. It was 2017 and the textile was overturning in all its uniform diversity and nostalgically towards the 80s style in which we are still immersed today, something typical of a sector so fluid but inappropriate for one so varied. The point is that this global turnaround in aesthetics opened more space than ever to new proposals unchecked by trends, and this was precisely our main motivation, to cover an absence by reviving a noble style. Moved as we say by the deficiencies of the sector instead of by its fashions, understanding that joining them can pay off on time, but that the only way to settle in a market is with courage. Nor did we look a year or two from there, we looked ahead to the future and we approached it as a very long-term project with one objective: to establish a romantic brand in the market and make it an alternative recognized for its personality.

Motivations and objectives

What is clear is that intentions never come, so we got down to work. We needed a name and to rescue any preconceived idea that people might have about Romanticism we looked among figures from this artistic period. Of course, there was where to choose, very good fruits were given by those decades with the Goya, Beethoven, Delacroix, Schubert, Hans Christian Andersen ... It is often the literati who best encapsulate the essence of a thought, which is why the figure of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer was capital for us from the beginning. He was representative, he was popular, he was Spanish heritage and undoubtedly a character loved by many.

Bécquer led us to Lord Byron, an unfortunate stateless poet admired by Gustavo Adolfo and by all lovers of poetry, and both of them opened the doors of romantic thought for us. A very particular one, associated with feelings, creative freedom, and the appreciation of one's own personality. To subjectivism, to the genuine, to the different from the common. To the mysterious, to the passionate, to the appreciation of the national. For the romantic, each person must demonstrate what makes him unique and act as a creative demiurge within his own universe, and our interpretation was that we should praise everything that Byron Becquer could do differently from other brands.